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Get a Grip with Anti-Slip Additives a Contractor’s Guide to Avoiding Slip-And-Fall Claims

Super Stone acrylic sealers provide outstanding protection and enhance the aesthetics of your decorative concrete project. When dry, our sealers ...
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Sealing in the Summer

Rule of thumb, heat makes things happen faster. Think about it, put an ice cube on a hot stove and ...
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Be an Expert!

Not having proper training or knowledge on a product can be devastating to your business. Super Stone® provides hands-on training ...
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Surface Preparation

Surface prep is the most crucial step in all decorative concrete applications. Most application failures directly related to preparation short ...
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Estimating Projects

Estimate your cost on a project? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is underestimating the cost of all ...
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Curing Concrete

Not allowing adequate time for concrete to cure will cause you problems when applying decorative steps to your project. Wait ...
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Mixing Material

Not mixing material properly is a common mistake but is easily fixed. Measure! Eyeballing or “guesstimating” your mixes will cause ...
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Proper Tools

Not having the proper tools or enough tools for the job. While this mistake may seem silly to some, it ...
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