Not allowing adequate time for concrete to cure will cause you problems when applying decorative steps to your project.

  • Wait to seal! Concrete, on the average, cures in about 28 days. It is understandable that you may want to collect for work completed so using a cure and seal type sealer is recommended to reveal the results of your stamped concrete creations. A cure and seal ( Super Stone Floriginal) is a low solid sealer that will penetrate the surface and allow the colors to pop when project is finished it is also thin enough to allow the concrete to breath as this is important for the curing process. After 28 days have passed, you may then apply a higher solid sealer (Super Stone Low VOC Crystal Clear) for optimal protection of the stamped surface.
  • Wait to coat! As, discussed, concrete needs to breathe to cure. Applying texture coatings, overlays, epoxies, or even stains will hinder the concrete’s ability to cure

Super Stone has the products you need to properly cure your concrete. Click on a product below to learn more.

Floriginal Sealer

Chapmin Sprayer