Not mixing material properly is a common mistake but is easily fixed.

  • Measure! Eyeballing or “guesstimating” your mixes will cause shortages or overages in materials, not to mention, inconsistency in the product’s overall performance. A few dollars spent on measuring containers can save you thousands in costly redoes or repairs from improper mixing.
  • Mixing times matter! Some products require you to mix them for certain amounts of time. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal results. For example, not mixing a concrete overlay or texture product long enough can hinder a products ability to chemically react thus, affecting its compression strength. Mixing a 100% epoxy too long will cause the product to set up too fast and possibly harden right in the bucket. Mix a 100% epoxy too short and it may never cure or harden leaving you with a sticky surface and a huge mess.
  • Shake that bottle! Stains have many components that give them color vibrancy, longevity, and penetrable properties. More often than not, these components separate after the bottling process. Shake the bottles and mix the cans prior to application for best results.

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