Super Stone acrylic sealers provide outstanding protection and enhance the aesthetics of your decorative concrete project. When dry, our sealers pass the national standards set by OSHA for slip resistance but when wet the surface can become slippery. Walkways, pool decks, driveways, or any sealed concrete floor is subject to these conditions when sealed especially those on an incline and without a textured finish. Without proper attention this could lead to slip-and-fall accidents and big legal headaches for your company. So what can you do to prevent this?  Well, you could strip the surface down to bare concrete leaving it exposed and vulnerable to weathering, damages, and loss of color enhancement or you can add a simple slip-resistant additive, Super Stone’s Super Grip.

What makes Super Stone Super Grip so exceptional?

Unlike Aluminum Oxide or Silica Sand used in other companies’ slip-resistant additives, Super Grip will not alter the color or finish of your sealer, does not cloud when dry, and suspends better when mixed into a sealer bucket. Formulated from polyethylene and ground into a fine particle size, Super Grip provides a textured grip without sharp edges for your smooth acrylic surface. These plastic spheres are mixed into Super Stone sealers and can be applied with a roller or sprayer with a wide tip. A contractor’s choice product, it is nearly transparent, disappearing to the naked eye when mixed, and light weight enough that it stays suspended in your sealer allowing new grit to be exposed as the sealer wears.   When your sealer dries, Super Grip creates a rough surface underfoot which is essential in reducing slippage when wet producing a coefficient of friction of 0.7 according to ASTM D 2047-93.

Where should Super Grip be applied?

All sealed concrete flooring requires Super Grip in order to make it slip-resistant. Depending on the amount of traffic your surface endures, you will need regular maintenance every 2-3 year including Super Grip with the reseal coat.

How should Super Grip be applied?

Super Stone Super Grip is premeasured out at a ratio of 3.2 ounces per 1-gallon of sealer and 1 pound per 5-gallons of sealer. Super Grip is mechanically mixed into Super Stone sealer on the job site and can be rolled or sprayed (do not back roll). Surface prep and dry times are consistent with that of Super Stone Sealers.  

Avoid costly slip and fall claims by ensuring your client’s surface is slip-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Super Stone Super Grip and Sealers allows you to achieve this with superior quality at manufacturer’s discounted pricing. Technical data sheets can be downloaded at