Not having the proper tools or enough tools for the job. While this mistake may seem silly to some, it happens all too often. When you are visualizing the completion and taking notes on a project, make sure you are taking into account the tools needed also.

  • Do not try to install epoxy from a bucket with just a regular nap roller! Why? The pot life of epoxy is generally 10-30 minutes, depending on the manufacturer. Super Stone Seamless Epoxy system has a pot life of 15-20 minutes. With that said, the epoxy should be poured onto the prepped surface rather than roller dipping and applying. If you choose to dip roller in the bucket to apply in the bucket to apply the epoxy in the manner, it WILL go off in the bucket and you have wasted your time and money. Use Epoxy tools for epoxy. Make sure you purchase the right tools for installing professional grade epoxy. The specialty tools would include a spreader/squeegee, a spiked roller, and mohair rollers. Pour it up, spread it, back roll it and spike roll it. This will give you ample working time and a fantastic finish.
  • Bring enough stamp mats! Larger areas of stamped concrete will require you to use a good amount of stamping tools. Too few may make the stamping process lengthy and the concrete may set up before you have a chance reach all of it. Also, make sure you know how the stamps line up before you begin and have an exit plan. You will feel silly if you work your way into a corner without and exit strategy.
  • Gauge that overlay! If you are installing an overlay system, it is good practice to use a gauge rake as opposed to free troweling. Since square foot coverage rates are based upon thickness, a gauge rake will help you alleviate material shortages and overages.
  • Use the correct tape! Most, if not all, decorative applications require you to protect walls and surfaces that are adjacent to your project areas. Several types of tapes are designed to withstand acids and solvents while others are fiber reinforced for easy removal after being coated with texture or other hard setting materials. Make sure you research and become well informed about what type of tapes will work with your project.


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