Release Liquid

Release Agents

Super Stone Release Powder is a clear or pigmented water-repellent powder that forms a lubricant barrier between fresh concrete and mat stamping tools for easy release. It can also be used to create classic, antique effects with any color combination by using contrasting powder color. Using a darker color Release Agent to a lighter Color Hardener will create a two-toned, more pronounced grout line and deeper texture appearance. One 30 lb. pail covers approximately 1,000 square feet.

Super Stone Bubble Gum Liquid Release ® is also a parting agent used to keep stamping tools from sticking to wet concrete. It forms a lubricating and parting barrier separating the concrete from Mat Stamping Tools. It also prolongs the life of Stamping Mats by decreasing friction with the concrete. No removal of liquid release is necessary, because this product will evaporate. Liquid Release must be applied with a sprayer. For best results, spray no more than 10 feet at a time. One 5 gallon pail covers approximately 1,000 square feet.

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