Super Stone® carries two types of Epoxy.  Super Stone® Seamless Epoxy is a very light color, 100% solid, two component epoxy binder system for floors and counter-tops. The product will satisfy USDA requirements for incidental food contact on floors, it is very user friendly, providing high chemical resistance and displaying the versatility of being used as a coating, as a binder to develop broadcast floors, chip floors, slurry/broadcast and trowel down. Revolutionizing Epoxy with Advanced Color FX, we now offer a line of metallic and pearlescent additives to provide you with endless possibilities for your projects. You can use our Epoxy almost anywhere, industrial plants, salons, hospitals, table tops, floors, counter tops, warehouses, basements, and more.

Super Stone® Epoxy is a dark amber color, two component epoxy binder system specifically used for epoxy Chattahoochee floors, resealing epoxy Chattahoochee floors, crack repair, and parking bumpers. Use Super Stone epoxy in your projects for versatile options that deliver lasting value for your home and business.

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