Frog Juice

Super Stone® Frog Juice is a polymer modified water proofing additive designed to water proof concrete surfaces where there is foot traffic only such as basements, balconies, patios, decks, walkways, interior floors, shower pans, etc.  Frog Juice is specifically formulated to be used with Super Stone® Wet & Ready Gray. It is light green in color and will stop hydrostatic pressure. This product meets and surpasses ASTM C1306.

1 Gallon Covers Approximately 200 ft2 at 1/8”

Product Description

Technical Data     SDS

  Wet & Ready – As Is WaterProof
Water Absorption (ASTM D471)    
1 Day 11.52% 6.7%
7 Day 13.77% 6.8%
Hydrostatic Pressure (ASTM C1306) Fail – 20 psi Pass – 45 psi1
Tensil Bond Adhesion (ASTM C297), psi    
Concrete – 7 d dry 477 1127
Concrete – 7 d dry/2 hr soak 154 1054
Plywood – 7 d dry 313 653
Splitting Tensil, psi (ASTM C496mod), psi    
7 Day 117 74
28 Day 331 246
Compression, psi (ASTM C109), psi    
7 Day 2016 818
28 Day 2491 1016


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