Vertical Wall Finishes

Vertical Wall Finishes

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When confronted with a large unfinished wall or wondering what to do with a new vertical surface, an often overlooked and misunderstood solution is actually a great option; Vertical Decorative Cement or Concrete. With the possibility of hundreds of designs, colors, patterns and textures fueled by new and proven technology, concrete is going vertical and not looking back…

Vertical Cement Resurfacing Systems integrate the most modern patterns, textures, and colors to add a new and refreshing finish to just about any wall. Vertical Concrete Systems can be installed over drywall, wood, and concrete substrates and create the look and feel of natural durable elements. EIFS and hand-carved finishes are just a few options when it comes to thin decorative cement wall veneers and vertical stamped creations.

Vertical stamped concrete constructed with cement, aggregate, and polymer as a modifier and bonding agent, are typically installed at no more than 3/4-1 1/4 inches. After being applied with a trowel to a properly prepared substrate, these systems are then imprinted with a pattern of choice, often resembling rock, brick or natural stone creating a continual seamless finish across the wall surface.

Vertical carved concrete is similar to the vertical stamped concrete mentioned above. A texture is imprinted on the vertical concrete material as a guide and the grout patterns are hand carved to simulate a natural stone appearance instead of using a specific rock or brick pattern molding. These systems rely more in the installers abilities to be creative and artistic but also give more control over pattern and custom design.

Faux Finishing and Wall Skims: Falling into this category are micro thin (no more than 3/16ths inch) skim coats which often consist of cement, very fine ‘flour’ aggregate, and polymer resins. These can be sprayed, splattered, troweled and layered creating a variety of decorative finishes. Venetian plaster, wall skims, and plaster are all types of these finishes. These are often used where only a decorative skim coat is required and often yield a natural or aged surface finish.

The Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) is a multi-layered wall finish that combines practicality with décor. Insulating foam is adhered to the wall surface followed by a layer of adhesive and fiberglass reinforcing mesh that is applied onto the face of the insulation with a trowel. The final topcoat is a colored, textured, paint-like material that is troweled or sprayed to complete the surface.



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