Super Stone, Inc. operates on the principle of creating value for our customers while never forgetting our values. We have a proud tradition of supporting our military and the communities in which we operate.  Our employees are encouraged to engage in volunteer activities that positively impact our operating communities and our customers are invited to join us in supporting Super Stone’s areas of value.

 CharityHow do we help?

Through donations made in coin collection boxes and store registers, our amazing customers have helped us provide support to the LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation, Inc. This veteran focused organization’s mission is To improve the lives of servicemen and women with supportive services, access to local resources, and building community. The Live To Tell Foundation is currently raising money to develop a life-saving mobile app that connects veterans with each other locally as well as with services.

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Veterans’ Preference

Super Stone does participate in Veterans’ preference hiring practices, giving eligible veterans preference in appointment over many other applicants. We advocate for and encourage other employers to join us in this policy.  Veterans return from services with a wealth of knowledge that, in the appropriate field, provides a great asset for companies. 

Community Focus

In aligning with the Live Local, Buy Local, Hire Local initiative, Super Stone has developed a local hiring program that gives residents direct access to real job opportunities and training in the decorative concrete manufacturing field.  Super Stone has facilities in impoverished communities inside enterprise zones and in seeing the need we decided to invest in its future by hiring from within. Included in this program are hiring practices for ex-felons.   By hiring locally, we fulfill our workforce needs with limited additional expenditures while creating substantial economic opportunities for residents. Hiring from within the community also cuts back on commuting, creating savings for those hired and promoting sustainable practices within the community.

Super Stone, Inc. is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of veterans, their families, & the communities we serve!

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